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Strategic Planning

Successful business operations have some things in common - solid strategy, effective planning and results anaysis.  All must work together in order to achieve goals and other desired outcomes.








Defining Strategy is always the 1st priority during business planning.  It analyzes the market and formulates the best approach for business development given market conditions. 

African-Agents works with our partners to understand what strategy will produce the best result for any particular product or service offering.

Business Planning is a process of determining and implementing the action steps to make the strategy successful. This combines sales, marketing and operations to produce a cohesive approach.


African-Agents will provide guidance and a hands on approach for implementation to establish an effective and efficient plan that will achieve the desired outcomes.

Business Results are dependent upon establishing the right strategy and plan to reach desired goals.  Results are the factual measurement of how well we are doing in regards to customers, market share, employees and stakeholders.

African-Agents prioritizes analysis through statistics, client engagement/satisfaction and account based marketing in order to focus on results.  

Planning Processes  must be regularly reviewed against results to ensure continuous improvement. This process approach is intended to steadily enhance business efficiency, and effectiveness in achieving the objectives and targets.

African-Agents has a systematic approach to business planning that focuses on  improvement of strategy, systems and action steps through regular monitoring to ultimately  impact performance in a positive direction.

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