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AFRICAN-AGENTS has a broad network of professionals to serve clients in many industry sectors.  If you operate in local, regional or global markets we can help you plan and organize the  business activities needed to achieve your goals.

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Africa is Open for Business!

AFRICAN-AGENTS is a business development agency in Africa with a mission of creating two way trade in the markets we serve. We are developing business in Africa for international suppliers and service providers while assisting African companies to expand their business regionally and in global markets.


Here at AFRICAN-AGENTS we believe that the next big growth frontier is in markets across Africa. We will continue to invest heavily in developing new  business relationships within these areas for all our business partners to achieve positive growth across Africa.

Focused on Africa but We Think Global


This is an idea that we take very seriously since we have established markets around the world but our priority remains in the development and strengthening of our business across Africa.  This includes establishing strong distribution and sales channels in Africa for our international partners along with assisting in the development of African companies looking to expand to regional and global markets. AFRICAN-AGENTS long term commitment is to produce global trade with Africa for the benefit of all our partners in business. 

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Mission, Vision and Values

AFRICAN-AGENTS develops new and established markets for all partner organizations by establishing and implementing sustainable growth strategies. African-Agents is dedicated to providing exceptional consulting services and promoting competitively priced products and services while ensuring all markets receive solutions that best suit their specific needs.

​AFRICAN-AGENTS strives to be recognized as an industry leader in the markets we serve by providing affordable, reliable, and high quality products/services in emerging economies while promoting solutions which foster environmental responsibility and business sustainability.

AFRICAN-AGENTS believes in the advancement and development of African countries and people.  At our core we want to contribute to this aim by keeping as a priority the following beliefs and priorities.

  • Be honest in all business activities

  • Treat all individuals and organizations with respect

  • Be humble and practice common courtesy

  • Build relationships with trust and dignity

  • Be human and have fun during business

  • Create value in all business operations

  • Deliver exceptional customer service and business relations

  • Practice due diligence in establishing partner relations

  • Strive to be the best in all that we do

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